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2021 Lake Lowering Notice

Lake Water Level to be Lowered Beginning January 4, 2021

The Berkeley Lake Homeowners Association requested, and City Council approved a plan to lower the lake water level to 6 feet below full pool beginning on January 4, 2021. When that level is achieved, the level will then be allowed to return naturally. Allowing for some rain, this is expected to provide at least 3 weeks at a level of at least 4 feet below full pool. The request was made to give lakeside homeowners an opportunity to clean shoreline areas and to repair or build seawalls, docks and boathouses; activities which would be difficult to do at full pool. Historical rain patterns suggest full pool should return in March or early April. If needed, take advantage of this unique opportunity to schedule contractors as early as possible. Contact the Berkeley Lake Homeowners Association for further information.