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Frequently Enforced Ordinances
It is the responsibility of every citizen, resident or visitor of the City of Berkeley Lake to be aware of and observe the entire Berkeley Lake code of ordinances. That being said, we believe it will be helpful to bring to your attention the following list of ordinances which require more frequent enforcement than others.

  • Business Licenses / Occupational Tax Certificates - These are required for commercial businesses or home occupations, see Business Licenses for more information.
  • Dog Barking - As of September 17, 2015, complaints of dog barking are to be made to the Animal Welfare and Enforcement Division of the County Police Department.
  • Driveway Permits - A driveway permit is required before building or making any alterations to a driveway in the public right of way. See Chapter 70-3 for more information.
  • Erosion & Sedimentation - See Chapter 42, Article II for more information.
  • Feeding Wildlife - The intentional feeding of wildlife other than fish and songbirds is prohibited.
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Permits - An HVAC permit and inspection are required for any heating and air installation, alteration or renovation, including furnace replacement and air condenser unit replacement. See Chapter 14, Section 2 for additional information.
  • Land Disturbance - No person shall conduct any land disturbing activity within the jurisdictional boundaries of the city without first obtaining a permit from the OEO to perform such activity, unless such person is exempt as described in Section 42-21. See Chapter 42, Article II for more information.
  • Parking on Right of Way - Parking on city right of way between 2:00 am and 6:00 am is forbidden. See Code Section 74-3 for additional information.
  • Plumbing Permits - A plumbing permit and inspection are required for any plumbing installation, alteration or renovation, including water service line replacement and water heater replacement. See Chapter 14, Section 2 for additional information.
  • Property Maintenance Violations - The property and building maintenance code sections address grass, weeds, uncultivated vegetation, junk vehicles, open or outdoor storage, hazardous trees, swimming pools, and the exterior maintenance of buildings, including private residences. See Chapter 14, Articles IV and V for additional information.
  • Right of Way Obstruction - It is forbidden to store material or place an obstruction (dumpster, portable restroom, etc.) on the city right of way without a permit. It is also forbidden to erect permanent obstructions such as masonry mailboxes or columns in the public right of way. See Chapter 70 for more information.
  • Septic Systems Inspections & Maintenance - The city requires that septic system owners have their septic systems inspected and pumped at least once every five years and provide documentation of that activity to the city for its records. See Septic Systems for additional information.
  • Signs - Posting of signs on the city right of way is forbidden. See Chapter 62 for additional information.
  • Trash / Recycling / Yard Waste Containers - Containers may not be placed at the street before 24 hours prior to collection and must be removed and not visible from the street within 24 hours after collection. See Chapter 66, Sections 4 and 7 for additional information.
  • Tree Removal - Tree removal is regulated by the city. See this link for more information.
  • Zoning Ordinance - See Chapter 78 for more information.

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