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Coyote Prevention
Reducing Conflicts
There are things you can do to reduce the chance of human / coyote conflicts:
  • Do not feed coyotes.
  • Eliminate sources of water, particularly in dry climates.
  • Position bird feeders so that coyotes can't get to the feed.
    • Coyotes are attracted by bread, table scraps, and even seed.
    • Coyotes may also be attracted by birds and rodents that come to the feeders.
  • Do not discard edible garbage where coyotes can get to it.
  • Secure garbage containers and eliminate garbage odors.
  • Feed pets indoors whenever possible. Pick up any leftovers if feeding outdoors.
  • Store pet and livestock feed where it is inaccessible to wildlife.
  • Trim and clean, near ground level, any shrubbery that provides hiding cover for coyotes or prey.
  • Fencing your yard could deter coyotes. The fence should be at least six feet high with the bottom extending at least six inches below the ground for best results.
  • Do not leave small children unattended outside if coyotes have been frequenting the area.
  • Do not allow pets to run free.
    • Keep pets safely confined and provide secure nighttime housing for them.
    • Walk your dog on a leash and accompany your pet outside, especially at night.
    • Provide secure shelters for poultry, rabbits, and other vulnerable animals.
  • Discourage coyotes from frequenting your area. If you start seeing coyotes around your home or property, chase them away by shouting, making loud noises, or spraying them with water from a garden hose.

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